• Laci Orr

April Review

April Meeting Minutes:

State Convention

We will not be taking a suburban anymore due to low numbers and schedule conflicts.

Anyone is still welcome to go on their own time

Softball tournament fundraiser

We will make a committee and see if it will work to host a tournament

if interested Contact Laci

There is a vet camp for anyone

more information here: brochure- https://www.iowastatefair.org/upl/downloads/library/2019-vet-camp-advanced-vet-camp-brochure.pdf

registration for advanced: http://iowastatefair.volunteerlocal.com/volunteer/?id=36510

younger registration http://iowastatefair.volunteerlocal.com/volunteer/?id=36500

Grandstand usher information

Form: http://www.iowaffa.com/CMDocs/IowaFFAassociation/Iowa%20State%20Fair/2019/Applications/2019%20Usher%20Attendant%20Signature%20Form.pdf

Information- http://www.iowaffa.com/CMDocs/IowaFFAassociation/Iowa%20State%20Fair/2017/Usher%20Attendant%20Info%20Sheet.pdf

non derby swine please let Mr. O'Brien know if you are doing it

if you are doing any livestock let him know as well


we need teams

practices will be Tuesday and Thursday 9th hour and sunday afternoon

competition is May 7th at 4pm at Hawkeye

ag mechanics

let Mr.O'Brien know if you are interested

talked about improvements for banquet

more food and have people RSVP

invest in cloth tablecloths

Voted to donate to storm relief fund

$300 will go to FFA chapters in Nebraska to help with needs

We want to do a presentation for 6th graders to encourage them to join FFA, any ideas contact Laci

We signed thank yous for: Johnsons, Subway, Pedretti;s Bakery, Elkader Pizzeria, Shirbrouns's, Tim Orr, Andy Loan, Janine Berns, Mia Gibson, Elkader Vet Clinic


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