• Laci Orr

Review of March Meeting

-Basketball tournament make sure to sign up a team if your going to have one, you can pay on Saturday. Please be there at 3:45 to work and set up. If you are bringing a baked good and can't on Saturday please bring it before 2pm on Friday to Mr. O'Brien's room. Please spread the word!

-Swine Weigh in is April 6 at Central School Shop

- Sheep Weigh in is May 4 at Fairgrounds

-Agriscience Fair is March 28-29 in Ames. You make a poster under one of the categories and it can be individual or partner project. Let Laci know if interested

- State convention is April 14-16. A suburban will go down on the 16th and sign up before March 30th please. You can also go on your time if you'd like.

- Banquet date is officially April 6 invitations will be out soon. Banquet Committee will also meet soon.

- If anyone is interested in learning how to take over the website let me know. It is not that hard you just have to take a few minutes to update some things.

-Seniors, there are still scholarships available if you are interested there is more information on the Iowa FFA website.

- Agronomy CDE we have many coaches that will help teach those who are interested the first competition is May 7th at Hawkeye Community College. It consists of Judging soybeans, oats, corn, silage, and hay as well as identification in weeds and insects as well as other crops.

- Ag mechanics is April 25


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